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Copyright Registration

Copyright Registration is the exclusive legal right given to the creator of an original work. Copyrights subsist in Literary, Dramatic, Musical and Artistic Work. The owner of the Copyright has the exclusive right to reproduce, replicate and distribute its copyrighted work. 

Benefits of Copyright Registration:

  1. Safeguard against infringers
  2. Evidence of Ownership of Work
  3. Right to Exclude others from using the work
  4. Commercial Use of the work

Steps involved:

  1. A representative will enquire about the type of work, whether it is a piece of art, poem, lyrics, software program, musical video, sound recording etc.
  2. An Application will be filed online and a Diary Number will be generated. The said number will be informed to the Applicant along with the Public Links to access the real time status of the Application.
  3. The work provided by the Applicant will be uploaded online and also be sent by post to the Copyright Registry at New Delhi.
  4. A 30-day waiting period begins from the date of submission of the work and thereafter the application is scrutinized by the Examiner of Copyrights.
  5. The Examiner of Copyrights thoroughly examines the applications and looks for any shortfall in the Application.
  6. If the Application is found in order, the status of the Copyright Application is changed to “Approval” and a Registration Certificate is issued by the Registrar of TradeMarks. In the event, the Application or Work is not found in order, a discrepancy letter is issued in respect of the Copyright Application calling upon the representative to rectify the deficiency. A reply in respect of the discrepancy is filed by our representative with an explanation of the work and Application.
  7. The reply is thereafter pursued by the Examiner of Copyrights and a Registration Certificate is issued by the Registrar of the Copyrights. In the event, the Examiner is not satisfied with the reply to the discrepancy letter or any other objections, a personal hearing is scheduled with the Registrar for further clarification.