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Benefits of Design Patent Registration

Design Registration

Design Patent Registration – Benefits and Procedures

A Design Registration patent grants protection to an original and ornamental design of an article of manufacture (e.g., jewelry, mobile phones, furniture). It does not protect the article itself; it protects only the appearance of the article. The owner of a design patent has the right to prevent others from making, using, or selling in commerce anything that infringes the patent by copying the patented design from top to bottom, front to back, or even color for color.

The Benefits of Design Patent registration

  • Design patents protect the ornamental design of your invention.
  • Design patents can be used to prevent others from copying the look of your invention, which can give you a competitive edge in the marketplace.
  • Design patents can be used to stop competitors from making minor changes to your design and selling it as their own.
  • Design patents can give you the ability to license your design to others for royalty payments.
  • Design patents are relatively easy to obtain and maintain, but they do require filing an application with the USPTO at least 18 months before your intended date of use or sale.
  • Designs that have been disclosed or that have been published more than one year before the application filing date cannot be patented unless they are substantially different from what has already been disclosed or published.

Steps to register a Design Patent

Online Design  Registration patents are a type of intellectual property that covers the cosmetic design of an object. To register a design patent, you must first file a patent operation with Ipindia. The operation must include delineations or photos of the design, as well as a written description. Once the operation is filed, the Ipindia will review it and decide whether to issue a patent. However, it'll be valid 14 times from the date of allocation

if someone violates your design patent rights, you can apply them by either suing in civil court or applying for instruction in a civil quarter court. As India ranks among one of the top design manufacturing countries in the world, this may be a feasible option to consider when seeking protection for your design. fileforindia provides design patent enrollment services at affordable rates and charges.

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